Boater’s Paradise

Lookout by the Marina

View our lookout by the marina panorama!

Weymouthport is considered by many to be a boater’s paradise, and it’s easy to see why. When you’re situated on your own peninsula flanked by Hingham Bay to the north, Weymouth Back River to the east and with busy marinas on the remaining points of the compass, it’s hard not to think about boating!

The marina you can stroll over to is named Tern Harbor Marina, and we could think of no better place to keep your small to medium pleasure craft when you’re not out skipping around the islands for a picnic luncheon followed by some afternoon fishing. But you can quickly put up your boat and stroll home with your catch to fire up a Viking grill and make an early evening’s dinner out of him all before going up to your condo! Ah, what a life.


Webb Park

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